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Ultram Question, Please help!!

Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions. I wondered if I were to stop taking ultram all together, without the taper, will the fetus go through the withdrawl also. Or in other words I know it will be hard on me, however will it be hard on him or her also?
Once I get this med out of my life it will stay that way!! I'm not sure how they can rate this medication as non-addictive, it seems wrong!
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i am not sure if ultram is physically addictive or not.. you should call your doctor and ask..good luck
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Hi, im pregnant, I take Tramadol, butalbytal, codeine, I was worried so I called my doctor he said not to take any of them, not safe for the fetus.
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I can tell you with 100 % ..Ultram has physical withdrawal symptoms.I am working on getting off of them myself..I was hooked on Lortab in the past..That is why I got on the Ultral thinking there would be no addiction..Not true.I am 7 weeks pregnant it is awful.I am having all the withdrawal symptoms I had with the Lortab.Shaking,sweating,sickness,skin crawling...It is bad ..It is physical.
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