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what is the possible gender of baby to be born on Oct. 10,2010

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Well, it depends on the person.  For me, according to this chart: http://www.webwomb.com/chinesechart.htm  I'm having a boy.  I can't wait to see if it's true or not!  It was true for my first son and many of my friends.
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With that chart....do you look under ur age and the month you're due? If so mine says boy too. I already think I'll have a boy. Before I even thought about having kids I always thought I would have boys.
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According to this chart it says...To predict what sex your baby will be, locate the age the mother will be when she gives birth and the month the child was conceived.

The other chart usually want the age of the mother at time of conception and month child was conceived.

For me it's 50/50 lol they said I should have a boy this time.
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according to this chart I will be having a girl which is awesome because thats what I really want :)
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That chart says I am having a boy, but babycenter's gender predictor says girl. Who knows? I am hoping for a girl b/c with our two failed adoptions they were both girls so I have lots of pink stuff. If it's a boy we will just have to to shopping.
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Yeah, this chart has you get the month you conceived and your age at birth.

I found (from talking to others) that the charts that do both the month conceived and the age when conceived weren't as accurate.

We'll see, because this time the chart I posted says boy, but the charts that say month and age when conceived say girl.  

Last time I believe both charts said I was having a boy, and I did.
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according to the Chinese gender predictor, I'm having a boy... we'll see if it's true It was true for about 50% of ppl I know. And wrong for 50% as well... so we'll see! I have a girl already so that would be cool, but I don't care either way, I'd love to have another girl too!! As long as it's a healthy baby, that is all I care about!  Last night I said to my husband, "I wonder what this baby will be?" and he said "beautiful" ...perfect answer!
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@ Tasha505...your husband did have the perfect answer. I love it! LOL
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Oh gosh...mine could go either way then...if I have the baby before my b-day then it's female...if it's after then it's male. I'm due the 15th and my b-day is the 23rd!! LOL
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Mine says I'll have a boy!  That would be awesome as we have 1 boy and 2 girls already.  I will be happy either way so long as he/she is healthy!
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Heatherm4 - That's why one chart says girl and one says boy.  If I use the charts that do the age at conception then it's a girl, if I use the other one It's a boy.  My birthday was border line of when conception happened, like by a few days!  I'm thinking it's a boy, but we'll have to wait and see!
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the chart says boy for me but also says my 6 year old son was a girl....so we will see...im thinking girl but will be happy either way
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Well I'm due on Oct 17th and baby was conceived in january and I will am 28 so it says I will have a boy BUT my birthday is only less than 2 weeks away so technically I will be close to 29yrs and then that means I will have a girl lol :/
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Sorry that was confusing I mean my bday ia 2 weeks after my due date..
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according to the chart I having a girl!
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I think the way those chart things work is its the age you are when you conceive plus the number of the month you conceived and if its an even number its a boy and an odd number its a girl. Mine is coming up with an odd number and I'm REALLY hoping its a boy. But that is just what I have heard.
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Just wondering if anyone tried intelligender? It said i was having a girl i guess its 82% accurate:) ill wait for the ultrasound before i run out and go buy a bunch of pink things and butterflies/dragonfliy decor LOL:)
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