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brown spotting 13 weeks

I am about 13 weeks, and today I noticed brown dishcarge after going to the bathroom. I was cleaning for a few hours today and have been on my feet the whole time. So maybet has to do with it? I dont know what this could be but I am very nervous. I dont have any serious cramping, here and there Ive had mild period cramps but thats it. The discharge is dark brown and thick then went to light brown after I wiped a few times. Any ideas? Im so nervous, and I am waiting for my doctor to call me back. I also have an important meeting tonight that I have to attend but I am worried that I shouldnt be on my feet.
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I am having the same kind of situation I am also pretty sure that I am 13 weeks today I honestly just found out yesterday that I am pregnant I go for more blood tests today but I can't get into the doctor yet, I have had a little bit of brown spotting after going to the washroom the last few days off and on.  I don't know what to do and I am very worried about miscariage.  If you find anything out please let me know I am only 19 and stuck in Canada alone as my family moved to Indiana
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Hey ladies,

I suggest you rest and try and stay off your feet as much as possible. Also make an appointment to see your doctor, they will be able to order a ultrasound/scan to make sure bubs is doing great. If the bleeding is brown that means it's old blood, which is better then pink or red blood.

When i was 7 weeks i started bleeding and it turns out i had an attempted misscariage ( everything was fine it was only an attempted misscariage not an actual misscariage) The bleeding lasted about 3-4 days and then stopped. I had another ultrasound at 9 weeks and 4 days and baby was doing great, the ultrasound lady noticed i still had blood in my uterus and that i may start to bleed again at some point, but that hasnt happened.

Keep resting and see your doctor, i am sure everything will be fine. I'm praying for both of you
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How are you doing?  What did doc say?  Hope everything is okay.  Dark brown is typically old blood, but sometimes knowing that doesn't settle our nerves.

Good luck and thinking of you.
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hello everyone! Just a quick update- the doc called me back said not to worry if it is brown and if Im not cramping. He said it is most likely old blood but he will check it all out on march 3rd when I have my next appt. So far everything has been good and no problems. I also have a fetal doppler so I check the heart beat often just to ease my mind and babys heart seems to be doing just fine. Thank you ladies for the comments!
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YEAH!!!  Now hurry up Thursday!!  I go Friday.
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I had spotting EVERY DAY for like 4 weeks straight!! It stopped when I started week 11.... it's just old blood ladies, nothing to worry about it. I even bled twice (week 8 and 9) and the twins are still great!

Good luck to everyone
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im 13 weeks n everytime i pee n than wipe i notice brown blood im just wondering if is normal i been resting n it still happening im really nervous
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this has also happened to me im 13w2d i woke up 2 days ago and went to the toilet to discover brown discharge, i havent got any cramps or pains but i am so scared im gunna lose my baby :/ i got a ultrasound a week ago before this happened and bub is very healthy i dont understand why this is happening
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