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is pregnancy possible in my situation?

Me and my boyfriend have been in a sexually monogamous  relationship for about 6 months now. Birth control has never been right for me, so me and my boyfriend choose to use condoms as our birth control. We always use them from start the start of sex to the end (he also pulls out too with the condom still on) anyway, about 4-5 days after my period we ran out of condoms and temptation got the best of us and we had unprotected sex for 20 seconds at the most before i stopped him. he didn't ejaculate that day without going to the bathroom & he didn't ejaculate during our stupid act (because i stopped him in fear of pregnancy) what are the chances i'm pregnant by pre ejaculation?
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please answer as soon as possible, me and my boyfriend are very stressed & want our minds at ease.
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Well,  that's within the fertile window.  If you had unprotected sex on day 9 or 10 of your cycle,  and you're young and healthy,  that's within the fertile window where you can get pregnant.  Wait until your period is due and take a pregnancy test.  The fact that he didn't ejaculate is on your side - it's less likely you'll get pregnant than if he finished.
How common is it for pre ejaculation to be in sperm if there was any? considering we only had unprotected sex for 20 seconds at the most.
i meant to say "how common is it for sperm to be in pre ejaculation
I don't know the statistics on that one,  but here's how that works.  The vagina usually has a chemical balance that is deadly to sperm,  and that's why they need the semen - it neutralizes the vagina's chemistry and gives sperm a welcoming solution to swim around in.  Without semen to swim around in,  the sperm would die typically.  So when you get preejaculate,  even if there is sperm in it,  there isn't enough semen to protect the few sperm and so they die quickly.  But,  not always.  Sometimes the ph balance is more hospitable to sperm,  and preejaculate with sperm in it can get a woman pregnant.  
so pregnancy in my situation is unlikely?

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