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LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where are you all?? I miss everyone!

Armyprincess ~ How are you hun? How was your delivery? Good I hope! You must be soooo excited to finally have your little man in your arms! Make sure to come give us the details & post a picture :) Im very happy for you and hope it all went smoothly & as planned :)

Krissy ~ Hey! :) I have been looking at all your new pics of Skye on facebook , she is SUCH a doll & she has amazing eyes! I wish we lived closer so the babies could have a playdate! How are things going with you? Looks like you guys are enjoying your summer!....You gonna start to try for baby # 2 soon?? hehe!

Princess ~ WELLLLLLLL dont you have any NEWS you wanna post on here for all of us :P I wont spoil it for those who didnt catch your facebook status , but OMG! lol

Hkenny ~ How are you & Brielle doing hun? She is SUCH a cutie pie! I hope you are enjoying your summer & your time with Brielle while shes little....it goes by TOO fast :(

Katebud ~ How are you & Daniel doing? He must be getting soo big these days! I'd love to hear an update on how you guys are doing :)

Joyce ~ Where have you been? Hows life going with Daniel these days? Is he a better sleeper during the day? Hows your summer doing so far? Any plans with your older kids? Hope your doing well :)

Jamie ~ You havent even been on facebook latley...arg LOL....Hope things are going good.....Miss Angel must have a ton of teeth by now and crawling up a storm! Hows your little guys doing? Still going strong with potty training & stuff??....Hope things are going well :) Post some new pics of your kiddo's soon!

Quick Update ~ WELL other than dying of heat , Its almost 100 degrees here no word of a lie , its DISGUSTING , I hate it , I wanna live in Alaska , I dont do heat well and especially heat to this degree , its over 100 with the humidity , its HORRIBLE and there is NO end in sight :(.....Rylens getting all 4 of his top teeth , and hes being a SUPER good sport about it on top of the sweltering heat too! Hes sooo happy , not much really bothers him , hes kinda clingy but other than that....too smart for his own good....ALMOST walking , he takes 2-3 steps and falls , but he can stand alone for a few moments and he tries over and over again to get walking....it will be soon , im excited but scared at the same time LOL hes a power crawler though &  a climber!!!

Krissy & Princess can you believe the kids are going to be a year old soon :( where did the time go :(.....I dont want him to turn 1 I want him to be my little cuddly newborn again....It went by soo fast....I guess its just time for another baby LOL....not for a while yet for us , but I guess ya never know :P

Anyways hope your all doing well , I'd love to hear some updates from everyone and hear how everyones summers are going :)
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Talk about parenting being tough.... Last night I had one child who had a fever of 38.5 with an ear infection, I had another who screamed when he went pee, and had a burning fever of 39.3 and my husband had to do a hospital run around 12:45pm due to the fever was not coming down, advil was not working... Then I had another child who was cranky due to teething and the fact that she got her needles.... Wow!! That had to be the most stressful time I have ever had in my entire life... They were up all night, thankfully Angel slept good last night... if all three did not I think I was going to loose my mind. LOL the things we go through for our kids
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Keeks- Yeah, facebook I hadn't been on there for a week in a half... it was a long week in a half. Angel..... Ha no she doesn't have a mouth full of teeth yet:(... She still only has one... Unfortunately, the teething process can be long and very draining. Although, her second tooth I can see has broke the gums a little, but you know how it can be they come up and go back down... She has been crawling since 4 1/2 months, and it was the comando crawl, and she perfected that by 6 months, but now she has perfected crawling on her hands and knees now and is just every where. Don't know how much my boys enjoy that haha. If they are playing she will just go over there and crawl all over them, or start to play with the toys they are playing with, if I am in another room all I can here is "No Angel, stop it!!" lol. She has been adventures and has figured out she can pull herself to stand up by using couches, chairs, toys anything really. She was also adventures in taking a step to move from the couch to the chair, so walking I can forsee that coming up pretty soon too!! Mind you my boys were walking by 9 months, so it won't surprise me if she is too!! I just have been used to not baby proofing for a while because I don't need to with the boys.
I am also proud to say since Angel has been born I have lost 24 pounds, so I only have a few more left to go before I am back down to where I was before I got pregnant with her... lol unfortunately that is still another 16 pounds haha.
Gabriel..... Well, he uses potty full time now.. Has since may I think. Not excited to for September because that is when I start potty training the other one, but it needs to be done. They are so good with talking now its funny, yet very annoying near the end of the day.
Jakey- He has an ear infection in his right ear, and woke up yesterday fine, but then as the morning went on he kept laying on the couch saying he was tired, and I felt his body and he was very warm. So, he went to the doctors and that was the scoop. But, once that kid got some advil he was running around like his normal self playing. So that is good!!

Hope everyone else is doing alright, and all their babies.
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Keeks, you are too funny!  :)  I also want to live in AK and have been telling everyone that when it gets humid and hot here in NE.  Maybe we could be neighbors!!  ;)  Daniel and I are doing great!  He is starting to settle down in to a sleeping routine again---> I, however, am not.  :P  Have insomnia or something.  

Oh my goodness....I can't believe all the first batches of Baby Dust kiddos are going to be 1 soon!  And I thought I wanted Daniel to stay little!  (He's almost 5 months old, whoa!).    Rylen sounds so big!  :)  Walking a little must be kind of a relief, just for the fact that you don't have to carry him around the house with you everytime he gets fussy..  he can occupy himself a bit more with independent movement.  I love the stage Daniel is at though with me having to carry him.  He is creeping a bit now, and rolling over every now and then, despite increasing his tummy time lately.  He is huge, in anywhere from 6mo-18mo sleepers and clothes, no kidding!  it's crazy with all the size variances.  
anyways, ttyl~ Kati
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