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Did anyone feel like this??

Hello ladies! I haven't posted a ? in a long time, So here it goes........Me and my DH have been ttc for 5 months now and 2 of those months a dnt get AF. S i finally got AF on Oct. 2nd and it ended on Oct6th. I have been BDing every other day since then. For the past week i have been feeling pretty crappy. I have been very tired, I have been have AF like cramps that i have been having every day, and terrible headaches! I can deal with the tiredmess and headaches but the stomach pain is hard 2 take. I always have gas and my belly feels full all the time.

Have anybody in early pregnancy had any of these preblems??
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My cycles last 30 days. I am at 6DPO
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Yeah, for me it was a bit like that.

How long are your cycles normally?????  It sounds like you may be at ovulation or just past.  

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