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First pregnancy?

Hey everyone,
I am new to this whole pregnancy/TTC thing, so this may be a little "TMI". Only those with the stomach to continue should ;)

I have shorter cycles as an average. (22-25 days) I just recently had my period so I thought I was done worrying about conceiving or getting pregnant. (My husband and I are ready for kids... learned I don't do well with the stress of "TTC" so we stopped worrying about making it happen, and just relaxed again).

I finished my period about a week ago today (Thursday June 18th) About 2-3 days ago (Monday6/22-Tuesday6/23 this week) I had some light spotting and some brown mucus like discharge. I figured it was left over from my period and brushed it off, but I have a light colored spotting happening on and off again, usually triggered after sex now as well. I brushed it off initially too because that's happened to me on one or two occasions after my cycle.

I have had a bad case of headaches and exhaustion the last two-three days though (sleeping almost 12 hours and still drained), sensitive to the touch breasts, and all of that is being followed by some spotty diarrhea today. Is it too soon to tell? I know that conception right after your period is rare, but I have never had a cycle longer than 25 days... like ever.

I have no idea when the ovulation is, because I haven't been tracking that, and we have sex almost every day, so I don't know what date all of this would depend on, ya know? If anyone can help me out that'd be great. I am willing to wait a whole month for a missed period, but I would like to know if I am going crazy or not. LOL

Thanks in advance guys!
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You could always go to the doctor and get blood work done. Even if you wait to take a test and to see if you missed a period you could still come up as not pregnant. The best and fasted way to find out is blood work or a transvaginal ultrasound. But if you don't want to go and get all of that done then waiting could be your best option. Though I had a similar story when I found out I was pregnant. But everyone is different.
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Thank you for your input! Today my sense of smell is crazy overloaded with stuff. Ranges anywhere from a whole building smelling like toilet to a car about 4 feet away smelling heavily of watermelon... I think I will wait another week or so, I plan on applying to a job in a week and a couple days, figure that is long enough to wait for the first test right? LOL.

I really appreciate your response though! It helped me feel a little less like a crazy lady ;)
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