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Prominent bowl loops!!

I had a 36 week scan recently and ultrasound report states
Prominent bowl loops seen in baby!!! I have follow up scan on 18/12/12.. What it means??growth and weight is within normal limits!!
Can anyone help me out please?? Thanks in advance.
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It's probably nothing, but get the follow up and ask your OB
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Thank you very much for ur advice. I will get back
To you after results!! Thank u once again
For your valuable time..
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Today I been to hospital for further scan and consultant said everything is normal and they will keep n eye when baby comes:))my reports states-

No structural abnormality seen. Prominent bowl loops are exclusively large bowel with typical haustrations and peripheral location.no small bowel loops present.
None of the loops exceeds 18mm  in transverse diameter.most likely meconium filled  large bowel loops that are common in late gestation.

What do you think about this?? As per her opinion everything is ok and they just need to check baby after delivery!!

Thank you very much once again.

Kind regards

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