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Any other rectal cancer patients around

I was lucky to be diagnosed of stage I rectal cancer at 35, and had an aggressive surgery to treat the cancer. Post-op biopsy shows that my cancer is cured, but I'm stll at high risk for cancer recurrence or new CRC elsewhere in my colon.  I'm a mother of 2 young kids. It's scary to look forward and think about what might happen to me in the future.  Hope to find someone with same diagnosis here to connect as friends and talk to.  Thanks!  Merry Christmas to all those who fought and survived!!!
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Altho' my cancer was anal, stageIIIb, believe our concerns are similar.

I've been told what you have in terms of being at high risk for colon cancer or any other cancer that could be caused by HPV.

I take life a day at a time .  Keeping  up with your doctor visits is important.

Then try not to worry about the future. It won't change a thing.

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I had rectal cancer, stage IIIc.  I'm thankful to be cancer free after a whole lot of aggressive treatment and a couple of surgeries.  May I ask how long ago you were treated and what stage you were when diagnosed?  Do you have any family history?  How old were you when diagnosed?  What were your symptoms?

I worry about cancer recurrence too, but as time passes I feel more confident.  But I the fear is still there.

I hope you had good holidays.

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I just celebrated my 1st DFS anniversary with a little bean growing in my womb! I was dx'd at 35 last year on 12/12/2012, no family history.  Feeling so amazing to be able to move on with my life and pregnant with my little previous princess.
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I hope you're doing really well I was diagnosed most in 2000 I had aggressive chemo for 18 months full radiation then surgery I don't know what's happening with you since you all surgery but I've developed pain the pain seems to get worse as the years go on in his doctors look at me like I'm crazy how have you been
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