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hello im new to this website heres my problem

im 24 years old .... I don't suffer from any type of weight loss or pain but here lately ive been noticing blood on the toilet paper after wiping bright red blood sometimes it can be on the stool but just on top of it ive noticed that if its a loose stool then there is no blood but if its a hard stool the bigger it is the blood there is there isn't any pain and this has been going on off and on for quit some time sometimes I can go weeks without seeing any blood I don't have any hemmroids that I can see maybe there inside me I don't no and I have been suffering from constipation a lot lately I ussaly will go 2-3 days with no bowl movements at all then out of know where have like 4 or 5 of them in the same day what could this be  ive been reading on here that cancer is a possibility
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The same thing happened to me I went to doctors for seven years straight every one of them told me I was too young to have cancer when I was 38 I went to a gastroenterologist he told me I was too thin and he would be able to feel the tumor but to make me feel better he would do a colonoscopy after Christmas he finally got around to it in February the diagnosis was stage 4 rectal cancer during this time I ran across an 18 year old girl with same problems I was having I made her father take her to Moffitt she had rectal cancer do not screw around with it go to Moffitt or whatever cancer hospital is near you
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