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CT Angiography w/contrast

A year ago I had a double pulmonary emoboli.  I am a smoker :(

Recently had CT scan with following report:  

There is an upper limits of normal sized right paratracheal lymph node measuring 1. x 1.0 cm on image 11.  Occasional normal sized AP window lynph nodes are seen.  There are upper limits of normal sized right hilar lymph nodes.  No left hilar lumphadenopathy is identified.  The heart size is normal.  No pericardial effusion is identified.  The thoracic aorta is normal in caliber without intimal flap to suggest dissection.  No pneumothorax or plural effusions are seen.  There is mild dependent opacity.  Moderate emphysema is noted.  No filling defects are identified within the central or segmental pulmonary arteries to suggest pulmonary embolism. There is a non-calcified soft tissue subpleural nodule within the left lower lobe measuring 6 mm on image 55.  There are additional lower lobe nodules measuring 5 mm on image 77 and 4 mm on image 83.  Mild thoracic spondylosis is identified,  Close periodic follow up with repeat CT chest with contract in three months recommended.  

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