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causes of a chonic cough

I have had a severe body wrenching cough for a few months, I am an asthmatic however this is well controlled. I have pains in my middle chest spreading around my left chest cavity and have been informed that the cough and pain could be caused by reflux.  I have been given tablets to treat this condition.  Has anyone else had experience of a severe cough with reflux.
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In a person who has a normal chest x-ray and who doesn
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The most abundant reasons for a chronic cough include reflux, post-nasal drip (usually from allergies), VCD, and asthma.
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I have had three colds this year with each ending up with a chronic cough that caused me to choke and bring up lots of mucas and my food.  It literally ruined my life.

It does not go away on its own.  I was told it was possbly from post nasal drip and have been to see an ENT which saw nothing.

I have taken steroids on each account which help.  This all started after living in a cold damps house where the bathroom were alway mildewed and/or moldy.  I moved after 4-months, but think I may have inhaled some of the spores.  Are there anyone who can comment on this. I really dread cold and flu season.


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If you have GERD [gastro reflux], you may benefit from seeing a specialist [gastroenterologist]. In addition to pills, there are other measures that can be taken like elevating head of bed [use of a foam wedge like the Med Slant], and no meals near bedtime.
There are diagnosic procedures that can be run like endoscopy and 24 hr PH monitoring test.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

"Signs and symptoms of gastroesphageal reflux disease include:

Heartburn or a sour taste in the mouth.
Pain occurring in the middle of the chest.
Coughing and/or choking while lying down.
Increased trouble breathing while asleep. "


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Thanks for the comments.  It helpful to talk, I am still concerned because the tablets I am on have been great for clearing the pain in the middle of my chest, however it does not appear to have made any difference to my cough.   As the cough is so body wrenching and exausting I did hope for some improvement by now.  Does everyone's cough last as long??
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