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HIV Risk Inquiry

Hi. I have been reading this forum and find it very informative.

I have a question. I have known a lady for almost 7 years now. She is married with 4 kids and is a house wife.Before engaging in sexual act, I got her tested for STI's for below and got the results.
TPHA - Negative
Anti HCV - Negative ( Method used CMIA)
Anti HIV - Negative ( Method used CMIA)
HbsAg - Negative ( Method used CMIA)
When we engaged in sexual encounter, she sucked me off for like a minute or so without condom, before penetrating her vagina with my penis, i inserted my finger inside her and felt some small hard bits. Upon removal of the finger i saw it was blood clots and blood. Later she told me she had done intentional miscarriage two weeks before as she and her husband were not planning to have another baby and she got pregnant unintentionally and that next day she got her monthly menstrual flow. I inserted my penis in her vagina by using condom but during intercourse i lost erection and became semi erect and continued to pump her in the same way. When i removed my penis, the condom was covered with blood and clots. As far as i remember, the condom didn't tear during the complete process. But when i removed the condom, I noticed some blood on the start point of my shaft, a few moments later i checked inside the condom to ensure whether the blood reached my tip but i couldn't find any traces. I washed my penis thoroughly with water and we called it a day.
My question is, am I at risk of contacting HIV? Should i get tested? If so, when should i go for testing, this encounter to place in third week of Feb'14.

Your response in this regard will be highly appreciated. Can i continue with unprotected sex with my wife? I am concerned as she is breast feeding our child.
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Dear Doc.

Lately i have developed flu and flu like symptoms, has it got anything related to HIV exposure? I know you have mentioned that i was not at risk in the first place but asking just for reassurance. Also, Can i  continue with unprotected sex with my wife? I am concerned as she is breast feeding our child? Your reply in this regard will be highly appreciated.
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Thanks alot for ur reply.Can i continue with unprotected sex with my wife? I am concerned as she is breast feeding our child.
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you are not at risk of HIV etc.

The tests you arranged initially establish that the lady concerned did not have the diseases you tested for.

In addition, you used a condom throughout - you are not at risk of HIV etc,

kind regards, Sean
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Can any doctor reply please.
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