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Possible Sheepkin Condom

I posted a question a couple weeks ago, but I have one more if it isn't too much trouble.  I solicited sex with a prostitute in Vegas.  The interaction was very brief.  20 seconds of protected oral sex, and then about 30 seconds of protected vaginal intercourse.  I remember the condom being ultra thin, possibly even sheepskin.  I still had the girl's number in my phone, so I called her.  I asked her if she uses, latex condoms or sheepskin condoms, she said both.  My hope is, when i said sheepskin, she interpreted it as an ultra thin latex condom, and not one made of actual sheep intestine.  Sheepskin condoms are hard to find, she would almost have to go out of her way to buy them, they are also more expensive.  I remember the condom smelling exactly like latex, that rubber smell.  Do sheepskin condoms still have that rubber smell, feel, taste?   It's been 12 days.  I tested negative for herpes, chylamedia, and ghonorea.  The vaginal intercourse was brief, and not rough.  If indeed a sheepskin condom was used (perhaps to make me *** so vaginal intercourse wouldn't even be neccessary) could I still contract HIV from 30 seconds of awkward, brief, and gentle vaginal sex?  Should I also be tested for HIV in the next 2 weeks?  I've been in a monogomous relationship for 3 years, this is the first time I've had any kind of sexual contact with anyone other than my partner.  I'm a numbers guy, and I know the probablility I have HIV may hoover around 5%  I just don't want to pass anything along to my partner.  Thank you very much. - Tim-
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You are way overthinking this.  Please re-read my reply to your first question last week.

I would assume that the latex odor means the condom was latex. But it really doesn't matter.  Even with no condom, the chance you caught any STD was low, for the reasons discussed in my previous reply.  And it is a mistake to believe that natural membrane condoms do not work. Their efficacy has been less well studied, hence the emphasis on latex or polyurethane as the preferred kinds of condom.  But any barrier that does not obviously rupture is highly effective, and probably 100% effective against HIV or close to it.  (The size of "pores" in a condom probably doesn't really make much difference.)

You may be a "numbers guy", but I cannot imagine how you came up with a 5% chance you caught HIV.  The chance your partner had HIV probably was only 1 in 1,000, and the transmission risk for HIV, even without a condom, averages 1 in 1,000 for each episode of unprotected vaginal sex.  So even without a condom, the odds you caught HIV would have been on the order of 1 in a million.  I would put your actual at zero, and certainly no higher than 1 chance in 100 million, assuming your only risk is the events described here.

I already gave you my advice about continuing unprotected sex with your wife.  I also told you that you always have the option of visiting a clinic or doctor for STD testing if you need that additional step to help you accept the reality that you were not infected.  Please accept the reassurance you have been given and move on.

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Thank you.
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