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I'm off Suboxone but have a question

I took my last does (1/4 mg) on March 3, 2012.  The first two days I stayed pretty out of it from the Lyrica. (for RLS).  Now i just feel real weak and feel like my body is mad of lead.  I have nausea off and on and just dont feel myself.  I know that withdrawals are differ from each person (for example I never got diahrea) but how long is this going to last?  Has anyone on this site come off subs completely and stayed off?  I heard around the 20 day mark things start to ease a little.  Any comments?
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It's been about a month since you made this post how are things going are you feeling better.
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If you tapered to a 1/4 of a sub,I say no way is your WD going to last 20 days.I have a feeling there are a lot of pussies on here.A lot of whiners about WD.I think it's 75% mental when they talk about being depressed.I'm tapering now from around 3/4 to 1/2 a day and don't notice a diff.Luckily I do construction and use a lot of energy so even when I'm down to where you were at I'll still be able to sleep.
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