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Does any one take seraquel for sz disorder?

My Dr. put me a Seraquel and I take xanex every night to sleep I just can not wake up in the morning my alarm rang for over an hour and I had been asleep for 10 hours prior to the alarm going off.  Even when I did get out of bed I felt like I was moving in slow motion I slept for the entire day I could not wake up.  
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you can ask your doctor for a reduction on Seroquel amount also tell the doctor your side effects all of them I didn't and got TD(  permanent side effects) drink plenty of water this will minimize all side effects k hope this helps :)
I did call my dr I am already on a low dose she wants to see me again
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group therapy helps
I’m not one to be around a lot of people expecially talking in groups I do go to my regulars therapist every week not that I really talk about it
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excellent be honest and you will get the help you need k proud of you to ask for help awesomeness :)
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