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doctor responsibility

I wasnt sure where to post this question.

I had a Wellness visit with my ob/gyn.  At the end of the visit, she sent me to the lab for blood work.
I was later, billed for $200 for the blood work.  She said they werent part of my Wellness exam.  I didnt request them, and am not sure why she ordered them.  Do Doctors have some type of legal or moral responsibilty to inform patients when they are ordering tests that are not part of their scheduled exam, and may create additional billing?  Mine doesnt feel she has any responsibility in this matter.  
THanks for any info anyone may have on this matter.
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Hi-Did you check with your insurance company to make sure the tests aren't covered?  Did the lab at least try to bill your insurance?The doctor should tell you exactly why she ordered the tests and what they showed, but before you make another appointment to get that info., make sure your insurance will pay for the follow-up visit.  
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In an ideal world, everything would be synchronized.  However, the burden of responsibility falls on the consumer, or the patient to be informed about the level and degree of insurance coverage.  Take a moment and step into your physician’s shoes.  There are so many insurance plans with so varying eligibility factors.  It makes more sense to have the physician focus on your health, than your coverage.  So, I would recommend that for all future visits, you know the degree and extent of what is covered and what is not covered.  Then you can approach your physician from an informed standpoint.  Otherwise, it may prove costly.  

Your Forum coach, Wanda
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