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reducing waist size


I have cut back on carbs & sugar & have gained a healthy weight.  I'm 49 & want to tighten up my abs.  Does walking help to reduce waist size?  Also, I have a simple ab machine where I can do sit ups, leg lifts, etc.  I have degenerative disc disease & the Dr suggested not to do excersises involving twisting my body to the right & left while doing the set ups.

What can you suggest?

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Just a comment on your situation. I too have degenerated disks. After an evaluation with a back surgeon I went for PT. One thing I need to stay away from is typical situps. I have to do hanging leg raises. Also I have to avoid any spinal compression excersise i.e.-military press, standing weight bearing, or running. Bottom line sockers, increase aerobic output-decrease caloric intake. At 41 these abs are taking a long time to tighten up
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The best recommendation I can give you is to consult with your physician before starting any exercise regimen.  He/she can best advise you with your physical limitations.  He/she can recommend a nutritionist and working together they will be able to assist you with reaching your weight goals.  

Your forum coach, Wanda.
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