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Is it possible to get pregnant on the pill?

I've been on the pill for several months now, but had a break of about a week in mid-January where I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I then went back on the pill, but since then have been feeling sick and tired. I now just finished my second course of pills and came on my period, but the bleeding is very very light. I took a pregnancy test which showed up negative. I read on-line that home pregnancy tests aren't always reliable.... especially cheap ones. Is it possible that I'm pregnant? I am going to the doctor's about it, but the appointment is over a week away and not knowing is driving me slightly insane.
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Yes, it is possible.  Take a blood test during your doctors appointment, that's the best way to detect pregnancy. The home pregnancy test aren't always dependable even when they are the more costly brands, from my experience.

Good Luck
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