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Low FSH & LH levels

My age is 34 years, i had no puberty symptoms like facial hair growth, i consulted a urologist and he prescribed me tests, as per test results testosterone (17.4 ng/dl), FSH (0.69 mIU/ml) & LH (1.0 mIU/ml) were quite low, he prescribed me presage 5000IU injection & proviron tablets, i used to have two injections per week, within three months i used to have good erections and pubertal characters like facial hair growth started, recently i have once again tested above and results are testosterone (726 ng/dl), FSH (<0.3 mIU/ml) and LH (<0.07 mIU/ml), now testosterone level is fine but FSH & LH levels are quite low, what do you suggest in this condition to proceed with? my marriage has been planned after six months and i m worried whether to go for marriage or not? i have also came to know that both FSH & LH are responsible for male fertility, is it correct? Please suggest if any further investigation is required or if there is any treatment to cure this permanently?
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I think you should  continue with your doctor. These are delicate medicines and has to be prescribed by a doctor who knows the case in details. we do ot hat doctor in our community. Along with this therapy you may think of holistic therapies. It comprises of breathing, exercises and meditation. I do not know whether they are applicable to you. You may research, male deer exercise,kegel exercise, Sat kriya, Microcosmic orbit, and kundalini yoga. In fact these exercises are for enhancing your sexual power and control it. In this way it can be useful as curative,enhancing and controlling sexual energy. Yours is a special case, so you have to deepen you knowledge to get permenant results. Wish you best of luck. Some one may add one's suggestion.No spell check is done.
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