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Dealing with authority figures


I am a 41 yr old professional women. All my life I have had trouble dealing with authority figures. The most recent one was where my boss accused myself and a co-worker of making a mistake at work. Did we ,yes, but the boss decided to go over and over it to the point where I started to cry, my throat got too tight to speak and I had to leave the room. NOT one of my better moments. This is also not an isolated moment. Happens every damn time. It is had to be taken seriously or to stand up for yourself when this happens. I've been told anxiety is part of having Fibromyalgia. Knowing this doesn't help me deal with authority figures. I am already on anti-anxiety medication. Clearly it's not working. I still have to finish the conversation with my boss so I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow about some valium to take the edge off so I can have an intellegent conversation with her...hopefully. Wish me luck please.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Good luck k9helper...when i was a junior at my office a couple of months back..almost every single day i got scolded by my superior due to some careless mistake at work. But i never talk back or defended myself instead i just listen and do whatever she wants me to do.

I guess that's how boss usually works...and i can feel that everyone experience the same thing. So i tried to think that it is not only me who is into this kind of situation and i feel relief a little even though not much.
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I can understand how both of you feel. I have extremely bad hand tremors espcially when i get nervous. i recently lost my job because they said i was too timid. i have never been called timid in my entire life. My bosses would yell at me and instead of standing up for myself or my actions i would just take the "beating" they gave........
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Hi. Well the valium didn't work either. I did finally manage to get through the conversation. it was 1 on 1 and I was so mad at that point that I just didn't giver a S--T. I don't mind being told I've made a mistake or given a correction. It's when it goes on and on and different rules apply for different people.
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Interesting about the hand tremors. I also have them, I've had them my whole life.My neurologist says they are related to the fibromyalgia. Any idea what is causing yours?

You ex-bosses sound like jerks.
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