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Will the state take my retirement money?

I have given up ten % of my paycheck for a long time to a pers 3 retirement that will be matched by my employer if I make it to retirement. I don't believe I'm going to make it there but if I have to go on ssdi are they going to take what I've saved for so long?? Thank you
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You may want to consult with an attorney before doing anything with disability or retirement.  I know in FL we can go through the FL Bar association and for $25 talk to an attorney so you could find one for social security, disability or retirement.

I'm pretty sure your retirement and SSDI are completely separate things and SSDI is insured through the gov't via the taxes you pay through your employer.  If you're getting benefits through work for disability, I think that's the only way they would make you pay it back;  like short or long term disability; but I'm just learning about all this in 2011

I have early retirement I took from my first husband's account (married 12 years) so I decided to take it early with penalities when I had to quit work and file for disability; they haven't said anything about touching my funds.
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No, I haven't offically signed up yet, I can't get out of the hours of work I signed up for for the year so I will make too much this year. I will be filing in June 2012. Did you get approved yet for your ssdi? Thank you very much for answering here.
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