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Making voice over content

Hello everyone,

I have a speech impediment, thats pretty bad for the first 5 minutes of someone listening to my voice, after that normal people will be able to understand what im trying to say.
I tried using artificial voice overs, but they don't feel geniune i guess.
So here is my idea
I love building computers and im a car guy i know alot about computers cars and games. Thats it, thats what im good at.
So i was thinking of reviewing my car with my real voice and adding B-roll shots that point to what im talking about.
Also i will be adding subtitles about word for word what im saying.
Does this sound like a good idea?
My speech therapist told me that it might be great if i look at it as adding character to the content or channel.
But also he said it might make people less interested?
What do you guys think?
Also do you of any decent channels that have someone on it with speech impediment?
I appreciate your support!
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I think this is worth a go.  You never know how the public responds but this sounds like a good attempt to do something you enjoy so go for it!  Hope it works out for you.  What is your speech impediment by the way?
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