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What to do when your nine year old step daughter, who has known me all her life, has a mother who doesn't care enough to help her with her school work. This child is in a special program at school because she is a slow learner, her mother does not even make an effort to tell her to do her daily reading or practice her math. The only time this kid does any real school work is when she comes over to my place. Her father has tried and tried to talk to the mother endless times to no avail. This is just one of the many issues with the mother. I feel so bad for my step daughter and want to help her. She struggles so much at school and I know that if she was getting a little help at home that she would be doing a lot better in school.
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I assume she is living with her mother most of the time?  Find out if there is a learning center that does tutoring near her school (there are a lot of them), and pay for the child to go there after school for an hour every other day or something like that.  Even if you can't be there, a tutor can, and it will help the girl a lot if the tutor is sympathetic and sensitive.
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THANK YOU. Yes we will look into that.

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