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Two Procedures Done Yesterday-Hiatus Hernia, Pylorus Ulcer, and Polyp Found

Hi, I had a colonoscopy and Esophgogasroduodenoscopy done yesterday. A summary of their findings was a Hiatus Hernia in the cardia, an antral/pyloric ulcer in the pylorus, and a sigmoid polyp that was removed. I have been in a lot of abdominal and back pain. There were multiple biopsies taken of the "ulcer" and of course the polyp will be looked at. All I was told was that my Dr would be in touch next week. I'm kind of scared and could use some feedback from people that have been in similar situations. I can provide reports if needed. Thank you in advance. Oh, I'm a 31 year old female diagnosed with stage 2 Huntingtons Disease.
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