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Face numbness - dizziness

Hello everyone - I have read most of your posts and have to add that I have recently begun to have the same symptoms. Not sure why they started but started 2 weeks ago and I went to the ER - couldn't find anything wrong. Last year I went I went to the ER for numbness on my right side and they did a stroke screen - nothing. So my friend who works in the ER said it sounds like I have lyme disease so I went to a specialist and he seems to agree - they started me on antibiotics - felt better for a few days but then last night - had this rush over me with the numbness and dizziness which lasted though the night and is still here in this morning - so I guess I am back to square one. I am also considering getting tested for Celiacs disease - it seems like some people I know have had the same fogginess and dizziness before they were diagnosed. Please let me know if anyone has found any solutions to their situations. It is hard to work and and take care of kids with this fogginess and dizzy feeling.
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It might also be migraines I suppose.  But migraines can be caused by Celiac disease.  

One person in about 130 has Celiac disease, so you might as well get tested.  
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I have migraines, severe migraines which induce seizures, and I have numbness primarily on the right side of my body as well as dizziness and nausea. The numbness only lasts a few minutes at a time though; however, the tingling, dizziness, and nausea can last for hours. My current headache has been going on for three weeks now with the actual migraines and other symptoms being intermittent.

Has anyone told you what your face looked like when it felt numb? Often times I cannot clearly remember what happened during the times part of my body felt numb and while I would swear the numb areas were overly relaxed I am told that they tighten up and can be rock hard. Other times I've been told they couldn't tell anything was wrong until I tried to do something - like talk - and the affected side didn't move appropriately.

I'd recommend taking a friend or family member with you to an appointment or the ER next time it happens. One who has seen several episodes if possible so they can give their view of what happens. You have no idea how many times I've felt like I remembered everything and could tell you second for second what happened and it turns out I missed a chunk of time or I felt one way and another thing happened. Comparing the two stories can really help.
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