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best prenatal?

Hi I am 27 year old. TTC for the past 4 months with no luck. I used to take One a day prenal for a month (i couldnt take the fish oil capsule which comes with the prenatal, made me to throwup). I stopped using the prenatal when I got my regular period. does taking the prenatal (before preg) affect TTC? what is the best prenatal vitamins? now i am only taking folic acid. I selected one a day vitamins because of its ingredients. and a brand name product. But few days ago I went to wal-mart and found out that they have an other (not so polular brand name) prenatal vitamins for much cheaper. so please help me which one i sould select? or should i avoid taking prenatal while TTC? please help.
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always take prenatals while TTC. it prepares your body. i use the target brand so i don't think it really matters what brand you take, as long as you take one!

good luck!
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ok. i was taking prenatal (1. one a day 2. nature made) this is our 7th month now. n' we found out that his counts were low. so i stopped taking them for 2months. i feel like kind of upset to y would i take prenatals for no use??. OMG if it didnt work then we need to see a dr nexxt month. Thankx for ur post:)
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why dont you have your doctor prescibe you prenetal vitiamins once i told my doctor i was ttc she gave me three months of prenatals. thats the only other adivice i can give you but all those vitiamins are good i use to take nature also with my 1st pregnancy which i waited to long to start taking. but take the vitiamins its good for you before and after pregnancy.
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thankx :) its been a yr n few months now still ttc .. i stoped taking prenatals for a while coz i was kinna depressed, but got back on track again so still taking nature made
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