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Has anyone been able to conceive on vitex?

I was wondering if ther was an success stories out there using vitex?
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I got my first HPT + yesterday. I've been using vitex for 6 cycles? It totally regulated my cycle and helped me ovulate. I recommend it.
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I use it and have been taking it since August it has regulated my cycles for two cycles. Yet i didn't ovulate at first.
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I started it in January after not ovulating in YEARS.  I suspected ovulation in May and then I know it happened again end of June because I got my first BFP!  Currently 21 weeks pregnant!!

I know Vitex can work for some, not all, women!  
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Where is a good place or site to buy this at??????
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I have not had a period since aug 2011 and in november I decided I wanted to get pregnant and I knew I haven't been ovulating, so I purchased vitex and was told to take 3 a day for 12 weeks I started taking them December 2nd 2011 after the 1st tablet I felt like I was getting a period hot sweats, heart palpitations and cramps!! I was pleased at the thought of my periods starting again but buy Jan 1st I was loosing hope as I had no period still and had felt like one was coming for a whole month...but I took a pregnancy test and I was 2weeks pregnant..I'm now 6 month gone...I genuinely believe that without vitex an ovulation wouldn't have come so quickly as I had had no hormonal symptoms in months after coming the pill...vitex is amazing!! Well it was for me an it worth a try 
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