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Hyperparathyroidism, nodules, high calcium

I have high calcium which as ranged 10.3-12.8 since the end of April...my TSH and PTH is normal. Positive SPECT scan, on both sides of parathyroid....ct scan with enlarged para-aortic lymph node and para-tracheal lymph node. 2 ultrasounds, both which show hypoechoic nodules with internal vascularity, 2nd ultrasound reading used other language .... "lesions, structure" etc...my WBC has been ranging 12.2- 25 with high lymphs and Grans, on and off. Proteinuria, low creatine, elevated ld-5. Still waiting on "tumor markers" ( other labs) ....ionized calcium 6.6..,
Do these issues seem related? I've seen an oncologist, endo, ent, cardiologist....my GP....and i see pulmonology tomorrow....everyone is baffled. One wants me to go to NYC to get a 2nd opinion...the there's are calling friends in high places and suggesting malignancy.....any ideas? I'm confused and tiring of the process. I also took Sensipar for 10 days with little effect on calcium, if that helps.
Any info or suggestions, ideas you can offer would really be appreciated.
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If the PTH was normal with calciums this high, this is a straightforward primary hyperparathyroidism was inappropriately normal PTH.  With calciums as high as 12.8, normal PTH response would be less than 20.  The ultrasound and other x-rays do not make the diagnosis of a parathyroid problem.  The diagnosis is made on biochemical grounds and it sounds like you have that.
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Thank you for your response! I really, really appreciate it...
Went to pulmonologist today, no idea why but he ordered a full body PET scan because of the enlarged para tracheal and para aortal lymph nodes and high WBC I guess....? Perhaps the thyroid issue is separate? We shall see. Go to ENT next week also....
Thank you again for your response....  :)
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