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when does micro papillary cancer require treatment?

In November of last year I went through an unsuccessfull total thyroidectomy,The day that I was discharged from the hospital I got my results from the biopsy.It had showed that I had a very small section of micro papillary cancer...I havent had any radioactive iodine treatments and havent underwent any other testing....How do you know if the cancer is all gone? is it required to have radioactive iodine?Any information that anyone can give will be greatly appreciated!
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Usually a total thyroidectomy is the only treatment needed for microPTC.  Follow-up with thyroglobulin levels and ultrasound is usually adequate.  Most cases do not need RAI unless there is aggressive appearance on pathology - ask your doctor about this.

6-10% of patients undergoing thyroidectomy have an incidental microPTC.
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I feel more comfortable having the RAI if for nothing else but peace of mind. My cancer may have been an insignificant find, but I do not feel any cancer nor am I insignificant.
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