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Multlnodar Goiter -- Ultrasound results

Ultrasound shows a prominent 3 x 2 cm cystic nodule occuping left lobe. The right lobe measures 4.9 x 1.1 x1.8  cm and the left lobe measuers 5.3 x 2.3 x 2.2 cm. 4-mm Hypoechic nodule in the Ishmus eccentric to the left and a 7 mm hypoechoic nodule in the anterior latreal right lobe.

Impression:  Multlnodular goiter.

What are the changes of the 2 nodules being cancer?

Thanks for any responses..
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Had FNA biopsy of the 3cm nodule today. When he drained off the fluid there was calcification under the fluid. He took a biopsy of those also. Now waiting just waiting for the results.Thanks for your response. This web site has been very helpful.  
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The 3cm cystic nodule should undergo FNA biopsy but this is likely (95%) benign.  The other nodules are small (<10mm) and unless there is history of radiation exposure (treatment) to neck or family history of thyroid cancer,would watch those.
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