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Please Help with understanding FNA

I wanted to see if someone could explain why after my FNA my doctor still thinks I need to see a Sugeron.
My FNA Results
Keep in my mind both Thryoid glands measure around 6.5x6x6 and the nodule is 2.59 cm

Few groups of follicular epithelim some with air drying artifact and hemorrhagic colloid
Abundance of colloid raises a suggestion of hyperplastic nodule, and there are no nuclear featurs suggestive of papillary carinoma. however, the amount of follicular epithelim sampled is marginially adequate and there is some obscurring of nuclear detail by airdrying effect.
Please help me understand the doctors said there is still a chance it is cancer.

below is why I had the FNA to begin with

have had a nodule on my right thyroid since 2004 this last several months my right side has been really hurt to even the touch. I have gone to a thyroid doctor and I told her no matter what I am doing I am not losing weight. She ran several blood test and it shows normal thyroid, low metabolic and diabetic
Just had a Ultrasound of thyroid and the findings show right lob 6.0x1.9x2.3 and left lobe 6.25x1.6x2.2cm The thyroid isthmus measures 5mm in thickness. the gland demonstrates heterogeneous checogenicity. There is a 2.6x1.4x2.0 cm dominant,predominatly solid nodule with internal cystic foci in the lower pole of the right lobe. There is suggestion of associated punctate micorclcifications. Impression: enlarged,heterogeneous thyroid containing 2.6 cm dominat predominately solid nodule. Please help I have read and read on the internet and from what I find this could be thyroid cancer.

Thank you,
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Thank you so much for answering my posting. My ENDO does not want to do a second FNA she said with the clinical findings that I need to see a surgeon go on Tuesday. I am just worried about having RAI treatments do only those with cancerous findings have these treatments.
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The thyroid is not causing the weight problem if labs are normal -- it is more likely related to diabetes/insulin resistance based on the comments you made.

The FNA seems to be barely adequate and a repeat FNA is indicated to get a better sample.    The gland is slightly enlarged and the complex 2.6cm has about a 5% chance of being cancer - however, the punctate microcalfication is concerning -- this is seen in Papillary Cancer, but also in benign nodules.  Repeat the FNA, if a benign process is suggested, best to follow with serial US and consider surgery if it grows or causes symptoms.
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