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Concerned about possible chronic brain bleed

Hello, I'm hoping to find additional advice and expertise from anyone here who's actually experienced and dealt with a delayed or chronic bleeding in the brain.  On the 7th of September, I received a small blow to the back of my head with a hammer while working on my home. As dumb as this sounds, I didn't think at the time that it was a severe blow, but although I'd experienced several concussions in my life, id never been struck with a hammer. I'd also had a small crowbar stroke me on the head as well.  Obviously, there was pain and I felt slightly dizzy, but no loss of consciousness.  After a week in being confused, nauseous, brain fog, etc., I eventually went to see my doctor and told her what had happened. She recommended that I go to the ER and request a CT scan.  There was no referral, since I already have an immense medical debt I'm attempting to pay, and I don't have insurance. Fortunately, when I went and relented my story, they opted for a CT scan with no contrast. After a while, the ER physician returned with news that the scan showed no evidence of any severe damage, and went on to tell me that a moderate concussion was the case. They gave me painkillers and meds for nausea and sent me on my way.  It's been well over a week ago, and I still experience sharp pains and headaches, mostly all in the left side of my head, which is where I'd been struck.  There's also a great deal of neck pain, especially when I turn my head, and I'll occasionally have pain that shoots up from the neck to the back of the left side.  Occasionally I still feel nauseous, but nothing severe.  I've often checked my pupils for irregular dilation, and sensitivity to bright light.  I feel like there might be a degree of sensitivity when I look at the suns rays, which probably sounds stupid.  To get to the point, my ultimate concern is that I may be a delayed or chronic bleed in the brain that was not detected with the scan. I've thought of going back to my doctor with this feeling, but not sure what she could really do at this point.  I also refrain from reaching out to the hospital again, especially since I have no insurance, although I'm in the process of acquiring a policy at the moment.  I'm hoping anyone here, whether having experienced a bleed or a physician who has dealt with brain bleeds might be able to provide additional information and opinions from their experiences.  Thank you everyone, for your assistance, patience, and knowledge.

Robert C
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