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has anyone had difficulty detecting LH surge?

hi girls! i've done a few ovulation predictors kits (urine) and haven't been able to detect an LH surge -- all were negative. i've had other signs of ovulation, including egg-white cervical mucus, but am unsure whether this necessarily means i'm ovulating. haven't yet tried charting my bbt. i'm thinking of using the saliva testing kits next month, in case they are more effective.

what is your experience? and what have you found most effective? any tips?
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When I first got the O strips, I had difficulty reading the urine strips O test. There were a few months that I wasn't sure if the line was dark enough - not sure if I just caught it ahead of time or just missed it.  I got the CBE monitor and found that much easier to read. BBT does not work for me as my temps are very low and all over the place. When I went to the RE he monitored me and I definitely O each month.
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I've heard before that OPK's don't always work for everyone. The best thing I did was track all my symptoms and CM. I was lucky enough to notice a trend in my cycles and went by that. The opk's and bbt just seemed to stressful for me.
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I tried using opk s for a few months but it just did not work well for me.. I started wth the strips but wasnt able to decipher the lines...moved on to digitals which qlways gave me negatives except on one of my clomid cycles.. So i have started using BBT and i usually start BDing every alternate day from days 12 to 24 to cover all days :)
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