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How To Get Started - Week 1

In Week 1, you prepare for the Ultrametabolism Prescription by breaking bad habits. In this week, you eliminate the following foods from our diet:

-Processed and refined carbohydrates (white or wheat flour) and sugar
-High-fructose corn syrup
-Hydrogenated fats and oils
-Processed and packaged foods
-Alcohol (Don't worry, it can can be reintroduced later)

Dr. Hyman, the author of Ultrametabolism Diet, recommends cutting down the coffee intake by half the first 3 days and then cutting it out completely for the next four days. You are allowed to drink green tea in the mornings instead. In addition, you should take 1,000-2,000 mg of buffered vitamin C powder.

Dr. Hyman recommends cutting out sugar cold turkey.
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