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Basal Body Temperature

I took my basal body temperature, with a thermometer (under my armpit) every morning for 10 minutes.

Here are the results:

Starting last week Tuesday April 14th.  Can anyone tell me what it means?

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96.7 F is your 7 day average, with each reading being well below normal.
This indicates strongly that you are hypothyroid!
You will find by taking NDT (natural desiccated thyroid) or T3 only like Cytomel, starting at the lowest dose and gradually increasing it, it will
increase your temperature and help with many of your symptoms.

You need to find a co-operative doctor who is willing to treat you with
NDT or just cytomel, based on your consistently low basal temperature.

You may visit Dr Broda Barnes Foundation Website for an information packet:

How to obtain an information packet:

You may purchase a packet of educational materials for an administrative fee of $18.00.  All domestic packages are shipped via 2-Day US Priority Mail.  All international packages are shipped via Airmail.

The packet contains the following:

Up-to-date literature on the use of natural vs. synthetic thyroid hormones
Several articles on other hormonal replacement therapies
Instructions for taking the Basal Body
Temperature Test
Explanatory information on the 24-Hour
Urine Test
Catalog listing of educational materials
Information about the Barnes Foundation
Information on upcoming educational seminars
Listing of referral physicians in your State
And much more...

Broda O. Barnes M.D.,
Research Foundation Inc.

In case you need, I have a list of the Top doctor prescribers for ARMOUR THYROID (NDT) in OHIO, who accept Medicare. The list of about 20 doctors does not include anyone in Cleveland though:(

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for this information on low thyroid.  If I ask my doctor for a thyroid test based on my low basal temperature, and she orders it, would it show hypothyroid?

I wonder why all this time, my doctors never tested my thyroid...could I report them?  There is a website in  America (are you in Ontario?) called healthgrades *******, where patients can rate their doctors and look for reviews of doctors...if I start rating them as bad...and sign my name!!! (I want them to know I reported them.)  They will not see mas any more...
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I meant to write they will not see "me" anymore...
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Hi Jean!

If you're dealing with a sympathetic and open-minded physician, then she will likely order the Free T3, Free T4 and the reverse T3 test, based on your low temperature and other symptoms.
The Reverse T3 (rt3) may not be covered, but Labcorp Walk in Labs, last time I checked was offered at $58 instead of $236.
You rating doctors, should be anonymous, or rather confidential.
This rating is designed more or less to help other patients and not necessarily to "punish" doctors.
Should there be significant loss of health and enjoyment of life due to doctors' negligence, then this becomes a serious legal matter, which is another topic all together.
Getting black-listed is most likely an internal thing. Nothing official.

I'll send you in a message the list with the Doctor's name in OHIO who accept Medicare and are top Armour prescribers.

Take care,

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Thank you again...I will look for a Labcorp Walk In Lab near me.  I hope there is one...And I will not put my name on the complaint in my rating (only my first name...jean), because you are right...An attorney told me that if I complain openly about a doctor, then I can not sue him later...

My symptoms are a serious matter and I am still trying to get a complete diagnosis...lots of other symptoms...

PS:  I got the message with the doctors list information...thanks...
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