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Bladder pressure after a UTI please help

Hi I’m a 40yld diabetic type 2 were well controlled A1c 6.2 I’m taking Methformin 1000 mg twice a day
2 monts ago i had a UTI and GYN DR prescribed Nitrofuratoin x 5 days
On my 2nd day of antibiotics the burning and pain were gone but the fullness feeling in the bladder stayed so it didn’t worried me until I finished the antibiotics and the pressure was still there so 2 weeks later I went to se my primary Dr and he order a urine test but it came back normal (no bacteria) so he referred me to GI DR so I went to see him and he said this was not related to gastrointestinal problems however he order an abdominal and bladder ultrasound so the results were: Mild postvoid residual within the bladder and Complex 4.1cm right ovarian cyst so I took this results back to GYN DR and he said that this cyst is too small to be the reason of my fullness feeling bladder and prescribed URIBEL 3 times a day x 7 days which is helping me a little bit with the pressure but doesn’t cured me because the day that I don’t take them the pressure comes back right away (did I mentioned that this URIBEL is expensive and GYN DR didn’t order any refills) again he referred to Urologist and this Dr performed a cystoscopy,urine test, urodinamics and a kind of sonogram-like to check for urine left in my bladder
And again he prescribed me another round of antibiotics Cyprofloxacin x 7 days ,so the results according to the Dr were that my bladder muscles are weak and it’s not emptying properly so some urine stayed inside , he prescribed BETHANECHOL and he suggested me to take a treatment “with a machine” that my insurance will not pay for it (he didn’t explained to me what exactly the machine will do) off course I wouldn’t mind to take that treatment ignoring the cost which is expensive but he said that he won’t guarantee that it will cure me
I’m on my 10 day taking Bethanechol in it’s not helping at all the fullness and often trips to the bathroom are still here and I’m so depressed because I cut the caffeine,spicy food, sodas and everything that I know it could irritate my bladder
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