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Blood in urine the day after I have fresh red blood during bowel movement

Blood in urine the day after I have fresh red blood during bowel movement. Generally I get achy and I get really cold with in a few hours of the BM and that lasts a few hours and then I feel okay but then I start getting blood in my urine. This happens a few times a year. I have seen several doctors and none have been able to help. I have had a colonoscopy and several cystoscopies. I have also had a CT scan. No answers. Can anyone help?
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Hi.  Sounds like this is an ongoing issue.  You've done the right thing to see your doctor.  So, fresh blood in a bowel movement first.  You mean you had bright red blood in the stool or when you wiped? Just asking for clarification.  You 'could' have hemorrhoids or fissures that are bleeding. Bright red blood usually means the issue is fresh and close to your anus. (not high up in your gi track as it would then appear differently).  Your colonoscopy and cystoscopies would eliminate serious concerns.  Have they not mention any of these other things that would cause blood during a BM? Something else to look at is diverticulitis which can also cause this.  Do you have any abdominal discomfort or pain?  Here's an article on blood in stool and things to look out for. You've done the testing to rule out serious issues.  You probably don't feel heard right now but at least you've been able to get these tests done. How old are you, by the way?  Here is the article. https://www.webmd.com/digestive-disorders/blood-in-stool

Blood in urine is a different matter.  Unless it is actually something like a hemorrhoid that is aggravated and blood somehow got in the toilet with the urine.  This also can often be harmless. But if this is new and you haven't yet. see your doctor. Any urination issues? Things like urge to go, pain when going, flank pain? https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/blood-in-urine/symptoms-causes/syc-20353432  Just a speck of blood can change the color or show up in urine.  Read through this article to see if anything else matches.  
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Yes, this has been going on for a few years. I am 39 years old.
I have been told I have fissures and/or hemorrhoid's. The The blood is bright red that may drip into the toilet and when wiped. However my concern is that when I get an episode with more bleeding I will end up getting sick with extreme chills (I cannot get warm), my skin will hurt, my body will ache (almost like my body is fighting off an infection). This will last for a few hours, generally during the night and in the morning I feel mostly better. However at this point I notice that my urine will get darker. If I am urinating frequently it will be red or pinkish. If I am not it will get more of a dark brownish color. This will last for a couple days to a week and a half. It always correlates with the bleeding during the bowel movement. Laos I will have some dull abdominal pain during that time frame.

I have been told they aren't related but the timing consistently happens at the same time and in the same order.
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