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Can't take it any more! Fatigue/muscle ache/dizziness

Hi, my name is Kelly and I am 23. I have been experiencing some debilitating symptoms since September (although I believe there has been a gradual onset of symptoms from a few months previously). I am yet to have a fully comprehensive diagnosis and I am looking for some advice and support as I am at a point where there isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel.

My main symptoms are currently as follows…

• Fatigue – I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have this overwhelming tiredness (physically and mentally). Sleep doesn’t touch it and although it seems to get worse with exertion this isn’t a primary aspect of the fatigue (I am tired even when doing little).
• Muscle aches/stiffness – I feel like a pensioner. Walking is effort, standing up from a chair/getting out of the car takes so much strength and the walk from my car to the office feels like a marathon. I hobble around like a cripple and I am often worried my legs will give way – not really how a 23 yr old should be feeling.
• Dizziness – I am currently on medication to curb this but I still find my balance is wobbly and I get lightheaded and spaced out.

Other less frequent symptoms include random stabbing pains (usually legs & stomach), visual disturbances (black dots/trouble focusing), nausea/vomiting

My diagnosis was Hypothyroidism – not shockingly so but enough to put me on Thyroxine after hearing my families unfortunate history with that damned organ! I am currently taking 50mcg.

My blood pressure is fine, all other bloods are fine and CT/ultrasound of head and neck came back as all clear. The specialists have just sent me back to the doctor and he just thinks that Thyroxine will be the magical cure (if anything I am getting worse!)

Finally I realise the following things have some negative effects but I know it is not just these things so please don’t say it is! I have put on a lot of weight (4st in 4 months - and I was very overweight to begin with! This is partly hypothyroid and partly not having the energy to cook/go and buy healthy food.) I also have depression/anxiety (initially I thought the symptoms were caused by this but now I believe it is the other way round – I am no longer on anti-depressants and don’t feel like I need them. The thing that is causing the depression and suicidal thoughts is this illness) and IBS (which has not worsened).

The way I am feeling is ruining my life. I have taken a lot of time off work (although now I am having to physically drag myself in otherwise I can’t pay rent), I don’t have the capacity to maintain much of a social life and my relationship is taking a bit of a hit. Please – if anyone can offer any advice I would really, really appreciate it! Feeling so alone!
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Alot of good advice from you all. I have Chronic fatigue syndrome, with nero mediated hypotension. So my  blood pressure drops any time I stand. I am learning new things to do when I stand to help from dropping. Chronic fatigue....I wanted to mention to Gemfly that sleep does not help chronic fatigue.  I like the vitamin advice from gently. I am on a good multivitamin but I'm going to try taking vitamin D3 and magnesium. Anything natural is good advice. For KLW5, if you are still having problems with depression, don't mess with it really, it needs  be treated. Even if you see a counselor first, maybe you won't need meds. I tried to ignore it, it is hereditary, plus for me, I had a lot of trauma and abuse growing up so I tried to bury it. Nope got real sick. Just an FYI. Thanks everybody, lets keep in touch and see how things go for us.
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I just got my new vitamin D test results. After taking supplements for 11 weeks, I have raised my level from 19.2ng/mL to 61.0ng/mL

Above 50 is what you want.
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Lyme disease comes to mind with your symptoms.  I had Lyme disease and it's caused alot of the same symptoms you have.  You should get tested for it. But I need to tell you that Lyme disease testing is very unreliable and only picks up on 50% of the cases of Lyme disease. You really should go post in the Lyme disease section right here on  MedHelp. They are very helpful in that section and can explain alot of it to you as well as help you get treated for it!
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I agree with Gemfly, adding the supplements might help a great deal.

Also, I would talk to your doctor about fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome as your symptoms do point to those illnesses.

Your low thyroid can certainly contribute as well. Again, the supplements should help with this along with your prescription.
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Hi Kelly. I'm Karen.

I don't have Hypothyroidism, but I do suffer from the other symptoms. I got blood tests. I was anemic and had Low vitamin D.
I literally felt like I was dying. The first 3 weeks of taking supplements was tough, very painful, the calcium and fluids being put back into my bones and then it was better. My Vitamin D level was 19ng/mL in Sept. I'm waiting for new results.

You should get blood work. Tests your hemoglobin & ferritin levels. You can have normal hemoglobin and low ferritin. Low hemoglobin is being anemic. Low ferritin is iron deficiency.

The other test is 25OH Vitamin D blood test. US lab ranges are 30-100ng/mL. You need to be above 50ng/mL to be at an optimal level.

You need to get a copy of your lab results. Don't just take the doctor's word if they say you're normal. Low normal is actually deficient because the lab ranges are set much too low for a person to remain healthy.

Many times if you're deficient in Vitamin D, you're deficient in magnesium. Taking supplements of Vitamin D3 (never D2) daily will raise blood levels. It needs to be taking with some sort of fat in your meal. Vitamin D is fat soluble and needs it to help with absorption. It's taking in the morning or afternoon, because it can interfere with sleep if taken at night.

Magnesium must also be taken. Magnesium works with your muscles and many other body functions.

Some of Low Vitamin D and low magnesium symptoms:
Fatigue, bone/muscle pain, muscles weakness, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, headaches/migraines...etc.
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