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Could it be B12 Deficiency??

About 2 years ago I began supplementing with Mag (large doses, different forms) to help with arrhythmia. It worked wonderfully. Also for sleep and aches. Even at high doses, my values were still middle road. I was clearly deficient. So, that problem solved for now (knocking on wood). But in the past year or so I feel AWFUL. And I am beginning to think it is low B12.

In May of 2012, my b12 was slightly over 1000. And I was feeling great at the time aside from a lot of PVCs. I had stopped taking daily 5000 mcg sublingual B12 about 6 weeks prior to that reading just in case it was causing the heart episodes.

A couple of months ago it was 597. Which I was told is mid road and great. So, why did I still feel so lousy? Extreme fatigue...I mean, no energy whatsoever. Can barely get out of bed some days. Body pains, numbness in toes and finger tips (occasional), muscle twitching, dizziness, nausea, terrible headaches and depression. But the fatigue is thee absolute worst.

I had stopped the B12 because I was having an SVT/PVC relapse and thought it may be the cause. Mag finally worked its way up and my heart issues are less frequent. So I don't think the B12 caused the problem.

I have run the gamment on testing - sleep study, heart tests, thyroid....everything. All normal. And yes, I know depression can cause physical symptoms, but I have had depression my whole life and I am tellin ya...that is not the cause this time.

I have heard that high folate can mask low B12. Back in 2012, my folate level was greater than 22. Ferritin was 15 (10-160 range). Hmmm.

Do I just go back on the B12? What is a good dose to start? My doc wont help with this at all. And she wont take any further tests. I am on my own for now.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Heather, 39
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I had similar symptoms and in the end I had both constipation and Celiac disease, and also my gallbladder developed stones.  

I also took antidepressants for many years, and now that I found out my problem foods and stopped eating them and take supplements and Miralax to overcome the constipation, I don't need antidepressants.

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