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Female, Age 83.
     Symptoms of potassium and sodium imbalance, hyponatremia, insomnia, mental fog. Possibly circadian rhythm imbalance. Started 8-9 months ago. State is intermittent, good day & two bad day cycle.
     Good days, she is independent and can perform activities of daily life without assistance and is mentally coherent. Dreads falling asleep, fears awaking to a Bad day. Wonders what happens during her sleep. She is aware that something is wrong. Remembers events of bad days, but cannot control them.
     Bad days, she feels like she is in a dreamlike state, cannot get out of bed, may not open her eyes, feels like she cannot physically move, anxious, nervous, psychotic symptoms, recalls bad childhood memories, nightmares.
                           Was told that there was nothing medically wrong with her.
     Treatments have included examination by a psychiatrist, general M.D., currently seeing psychologist and geriatric doctor. Endocrinologist opinion was cerebral lobes appeared to be undergoing atrophy, found to be normal. Second opinion on this MRI revealed normal findings. Attempt of treatment with anti-psychotic medication increased severity of symptoms. Hospitalized at a mental clinic, released with no progress made.
  Onset was relatively quick after the loss of a family member.
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I have a question. Is she on a diuretic like Lasix? Given my background it sounds like she does need a antidepressant and an anti anxiety medication. Antipsychotics are not good for older people. They do not tolerate the medicine well. Is the person who just passed away in any way a part of her childhood experiences? You need to help her resolve those experiences. Talk to her. Take her out of the home often to keep her busy. she leaves the house, she leaves her past behind her for a while by just shopping or strolling. She may be trying to process her own passing away with the fact that those experiences she had will never be in any way resolved / or that no one will be held accountable. Help her resolve it. Good luck and God Bless both of you.
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