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Desperate for answers on undiagnosed palpitations

To start with, lets tell you guys what I've done. I had a stress test, halter monitor for 2 weeks, then after the issue still wasnt found, I wore it for a month straight. I had EKG's up the wazoo, x-rays, every type of blood work known to man. The only test I haven't done is an echo-cardiogram and at this point the doctor doesn't want me to get one.  Now my symptoms are an arrhythmia that comes without warning, no rhyme or reason. Sometimes it comes after I work out and my heart wont get back to normal, sometimes it comes literally because I stand up and it won't back down until I sit down again, sometimes Im just literally standing at a store and it hits, sometimes is while Im just watching TV. There is no pattern, it just hits, tops the 170's for a few minutes, then drops to the 120's and it stays there between 110 and 120 for sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes days. Iv'e been to the ER countless times, I mean just this month I've been there 3x. Every single time, clean bill of health. I've tried the "anxiety" route, so I was medicated for that and nothing. Literally nothing, during an episode I was given Xanax. I never had it before so felt fantastic but the heart-rate was still high, I fell asleep and when I woke up it was still in the 100's. That day again it just dissipated on its on. The desperation part comes from having no idea what it is and spending a ridiculous amount of $ I dont have every time I go to a specialist on copays. Honestly at this point I have no idea what to do next, Im ignoring it most of the time (like right now as we speak) but its affecting my work, work out routine and several other aspects of my life. Anyone has any experience with something like this?
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I have experienced serious heart rhythm problems (including 250 bpm for 7 hours - I had to put a frozen cold pack on my chest to shock my heart back into normal rhythm - yeah that hurt - to 300 bpm for a few minutes) and had plenty of tests including holter moniter and echocardiogram. I had no diagnosis from any doctor.  But finally I researched and my symptoms fit severe magnesium deficiency. This deficiency explained my calcified heart valves. My symptoms - a very long list - went away when I started chelated magnesium supplements.
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