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Discolored & Inflamed Gums from Lyme Disease - REAL CAUSE?

I'm posting this for people who are familiar with Lyme Disease, including Dentists.  I would never go to a regular dentist/periodontist because most of them are not familiar with Lyme Disease.

My gums were fine.  I had surgery not knowing I had Lyme Disease, on my jaw (both of them) and they didn't heal
as they should have.  I don't smoke, cigarettes or MJ, but I do vaporize MJ.  even if I vaporize it I notice my gums feel sort of inflamed.  When I'm on tons of antibiotics, they turn dark purple.  

Seems like people who have Lyme Disease and have any work on their teeth, have a heard time healing.
So these are my suspicions.

1.  I have parasites, they deprive me of minerals right? (tried to kill them, but my stomach is damaged, damn have to
2.  Lyme deprives us of maganese, I know if I'm deficient in that it could make my gums inflamed?
3.  Im not sure if I have a clotting thing going on.
4.  I do have a malabsorption problem, but even if I did, is the lack of minerals turning my gums dark, and if so
     what TEST is available to see which mineral is missing?
5.  My gums heal with oxygen therapy.  I can't afford that though, it's too expensive!  How can I make them heal?            
     What is preventing the HEALING?  If they were strong, maybe they wouldn't get inflamed.
6.  I floss, I use baking soda, I get my teeth cleaned every 3 months, and I'm afraid something is rotting my teeth out,
     my gums are turning dark purple.  
7.  Sometimes they get lighter, and other times they get darker.  When they get darker, I can feel the shock to my
     nerves, like the root is being damaged.  This has happened multiple times, and the same tooth sometimes goes  
     grey, then back to white.

I also swish my mouth with colloidal silver water everyday, and take Nystatin and Candida, both which I think have killed any yeast problems

Someone PELASE help me figure it out, I"m only 31 and I've been sick since I was 27 - It would be nice to keep my teeth while finally beating this thing! :)

Thank you

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