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Embarrassing Problem/Question - Sex!

Hi all,

Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong forum. Wasn’t sure exactly where it fitted in.

I’ve been ill with a mystery illness for the last 7 and a half years now that has left me housebound and unable to do most things. However, whenever I read up on any sorts of chronic illnesses, or any illnesses really, one of the symptoms that often comes up is a lowered libido. My problem(!) is I seem to be suffering from the complete opposite!

Before getting ill I was a teenager and I assumed I had a fairly normal libido. I became ill at 20, and am now 27, but since the start of all this it has just sky rocketed with being sick. It’s all I can think about, I become aroused instantly just by thinking about or seeing anything I find remotely a turn on, and can do almost nothing to alleviate it. Basically, without sugar-coating it, I'm mega-horny all the time! I realise this may either sound like a classic man, or not something that would be considered a real problem, but it’s so noticeable and at odds with most people suffering with a long-term chronic illness that I feel like it must be significant.

Also, my nervous system has been affected substantially with whatever is wrong with me, to the point that any sort of stimulation provokes a massive overreaction. Example: I’m a massive football (soccer) fan but I now struggle to watch matches, especially with the team I support involved, as the minute it becomes even slightly tense my body goes mad. I sweat, shake, my heart rate races, I need the toilet desperately.. it’s like having a panic attack (I assume, I’ve never had a proper one) but I’m looking at my body wondering why it’s doing this. The same happens with things like thrillers/tense movies.Essentially anything that causes stress of any form.

Anyway, this super sensitive and overreacting nervous system means that any sort of sexual stimulation results in a climax within, literally, a few seconds. Premature would be an understatement. Then shortly after I’m back to being continuously aroused/thinking about sex, but any sort of stimulation would again result in a few seconds to climax.

It’s like my whole nervous system is hyped up or in a constant state of alert, so that any stimulation to it and it reacts instantaneously and over the top.This extends to any sexual interaction/stimulation.

The last problem I have is that whilst I’m in this state of constant desire, if I do have an orgasm, the next few days I’m much worse. I’m weaker, constipated, my nervous system is far more sensitive, I get a really tight and tense neck/shoulders, I can’t get to sleep, and so on. I get this exact same reaction after any sort of stress though. So if I did some exercise, the same thing would happen. Is it possible that an orgasm is a stress to my body? Or could my cortisol be dropping after I experience one? Or could it be going up and staying raised for some days afterwards?

I’ve been told by doctors I have all the symptoms of adrenal insufficiency/Addisons but my cortisol blood tests always come back high (as my nervous system is so sensitive that just going for a blood test makes me very stressed) and the synacthen stimulation test showed an increase in cortisol. My urine and saliva tests have shown low-normal/low cortisol though. However, I’m convinced that my symptoms have something to do with cortisol and adrenaline. But they seem to be contradictory. On the one hand I’m losing all my hair, from both head and body (scalp, legs, underarms, pubic etc.), have a low temperature, a slump every single day between 12pm and 6pm, low weight, low blood pressure, bad digestion, weakness etc. But I also have this increased libido, no achy joints or muscles, my brain and memory are, if anything, enhanced since being ill, I have racing thoughts, I’m not depressed and weirdly chirpy and upbeat, I talk very quickly, my movements are far too fast especially considering I’m so tired and weak, I can’t sit still.. it’s like my entire body is being overstimulated – strong heartbeat, racing thoughts, fidgeting, moving too fast. It just sounds to me like there is too much adrenaline in me. But then I have a normal pulse rate and low blood pressure, so it doesn’t add up. When I was well though my mum used to say that I would always talk really fast and do things too quickly. Like I was in a rush. Again, too much adrenaline (or cortisol?)

If I had too much adrenaline could that result in a constant arousal? I know that adrenaline might cause my “fast performance”, but could it also be doing something like getting my heart to pump the blood round my body a lot, increasing blood flow and adding to the increased libido? I’ve read about exercise helping libido because it gets the blood flowing/pumping. One of my symptoms is that my heart beats too forcefully all the time, day and night.

I just wonder if anyone else has had anything like this? Or if they might know what the cause could be? There’s so much info out there about people suffering with low libido but very little in regards to high, and even less when linking it to an illness. I’m convinced it has to be something hormonal related, and I’ve found a few bits and pieces about hyperthyroidism increasing libido, but it’s tough going. (My TSH is normal, always between 1-2, and my FT3 and FT4 are within the ranges too, albeit FT4 at the top end of normal. Thyroid antibodies normal too.) My testosterone is normal too, if that has any relevance.

I’m not taking any medication and the only thing I’ve ever taken was some adrenal glandulars (Nutri-Adrenal I think they were called) for a couple of months but that was 4 or 5 years ago, and I didn’t react well to them.

Apologies for the length of this! In my mind it wasn’t going to be anything like this long but once I started I couldn’t stop. It's turned out to be a bit of a stream of consciousness. I realise I’ve also stuck to just adrenaline or cortisol as the cause of my problems but I’m totally open to any other ideas outside of those. Really any help would be hugely appreciated.


P.S. Sorry for some elements that may have been a bit "too much information!"
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