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Feeling sick for years: pressure headache, neck pain, blurred vision, tinnitus etc.

I suffer from several symptoms for already more than 4 years. I am a 30 year old female and previously been always in good health.
It started with a pressure headache as if a small balloon was inside my head. With that I developed symptoms as pulsating tinnitus, blurry vision, feeling spaced out and extremely fatigued. I felt completely off.
I went to a neurologist and ENT. An MRI showed empty sella, which could indicate idiopathic hypertension. A lumbar puncture showed no increased pressure though. These symptoms seem to fluctuate in periods of several weeks/months after which they seemed to clear up after which they come back full force. Last year I also started to have heart palpations, nightsweats, hot flushes during the day or being very cold. I can imagine these later symptoms are related to the stress that comes with having these unexplained symptoms but I am not sure.
Before this happened I was rarely sick and I consider myself as a very healthy person both physically and mentally (don't smoke, exercise regularly, active social live, nice job). I encountered no stress-inducing event(s) or anything like that. The symptoms feel very much physical.
My latest appointment was with a doctor for internal medicine that discovered a low vitamin B12 level (113). However, follow up blood work showed no signs for a vitamin B12 deficiency (MMA levels were not elevated).
I am a bit stuck now what this can be. I hope there is someone that experienced the same symptoms and knows what helps to get rid of these symptoms or in what direction I should find (medical) help. Thanks a lot for reading this.

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You need to see an ENT who specializes in Miniere's Disease.  Having it myself that sure sounds like your problem, even if other ENTs have said, "You don't have Miniere's."  Not all DRs are created equal.  You know what you call a person who finishes last in all his medical school classes?  DR.
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