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Help! General body pains and Diarrhoea for months!

Good day... I'm a male. In March, I exposed myself to cold, mosquito bites, improper diets- drank unclean/thirsty water... At first week of April, I played football-soccer and when I came back, I started experiencing severe body pains and stiffness of muscles-neck. It didn't stop there, I also experienced fever, shivering within, sweats in the afternoon, Diarrhoea, dryness of mouth, sour mouth. I went to a doctor, test for malaria and typhoid were carried and it read  that i had typhoid fever. I was given injections for about 5days. Didn't experience those symptoms again, untill in June. They came back again. I started taking pain killers like ibuprofen, daclofenac and amoxyl(antibiotics) tablets to ease the pain. I also started coughing. I ran a test first week of August, malaria and typhoid weren't really detected but the doctor said he'd treat the symptoms. I was given arthematem and daclofenac injections for three days and other drugs like: emtrim 960, metromax, paracetamol, ion and blood tonic tablets. I was told to drink lots of water during the course of my medication which I did. I just finished metromax on Sunday 15th August. During the course of my taking those tablets, I experienced diarrhoea and frequent urinating (and a tingling feeling on the tip of my penis), also coughing (which later supsided), shortness of breath even till now. I experienced nausea around 6pm yesterday (17th August) but it's gone this morning (18th August).
However, I woke up this morning (18th August) feeling pains (especially on my upper and lower back, and my joints), my mouth is still dry and a bit sour, diarrhoea and frequent urinating (plus a tingling feeling on the tip), my body feels pepperish as well. I'm tired (especially of the pains/stiffness). I really need urgent help. I've already developed anxiety (I'm sure). Just crying every time...
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Sorry, I meant to mention the arthritic symptoms were due to the bug/parasite he caught while in Africa.  Apparently, it was a known complication of the infection.
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I am sorry to hear about your symptoms.  I know very little about typhoid fever but you might like to research whether it is supposed to be cured if treated or if symptoms can recur.

As you have been exposed to all sorts of things in the water and food supply where you were travelling, it may not be impossible that you have picked up something else -some parasite or bacteria - as well.  It might be worth asking your doctor if you could be tested for other invaders too.

I remember a colleague of mine went to Africa for a field trip.  He caught some bug while there which gave him abdominal symptoms, diarrhoea mainly.  Shortly afterwards, he went down with an arthritic condition and could barely walk or climb stairs.  He was in pain for some weeks with this.  Unfortunately, I'm not in touch with him now and don't know what he caught, but I noticed you mentioned joint pains.
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That's a lot of symptoms.  Typhoid fever is a very serious illness.  Don't know where you live, but again, that's a serious illness to recover from.
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I live in Nigeria, Africa.
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Other symptoms include; headaches not always, watery eyes, unable to look at a bright place, feeling of wanting to cough which I just end up clearing my throat, my muscles/ legs mostly make noise when I walk or stretch...
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