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High white blood cell count

My doctor did one blood test which showed all was OK ( thyroid, cholesterol is down, A1C OK and I am not anemic)  and the red blood cell was 13.3 but the nurses seemed hesitant to give me HOW elevated my white blood cells were other than telling me they were elevated. As she read through I swear she said, '15 or 16'.

One asked how I was feeling as the Doctor wanted to know when she called me in for this second blood draw, I mentioned dizziness and feeling faint, scratchy throat, a slight temperature and  lightheaded and some times have upper chest pain but figure its from the scoliosis I have or DDD, arthritis in my spine/hips. Have a few small boils under both arm pits which triple antibiotic has been helping there.  But I am almost 50, menopausal and do smoke but not much. Do not drink. I've had SI Joint injections recently and wondering if that is the cause for the elevated WBC or not from that medication.

I am waiting for the second blood work to come back but I've read certain medications ( the corticosteroid and pain med injected )   cause elevated WBC, stress ( have that ) overweight - but I am active.

Should I be concerned about anything should it still be at 15 if that WAS the result?


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It may be different the results or it may still the same. Either way a high blood cell count isn't all that unsual as it can happen. It's not a bad thing either, but if it's not a frequent occurance for you, then I would discuss this with a doctor.
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it could be an infection, maybe viral.

does it say which types of wbc are high? CBC with differential between the different types of WBC, granulocytes, and check the Sedimentation Rate.

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They ( the nurses ) would not tell me anything about the blood test results-- just that the one said it was 15. And the Doctor was concerned and asked how I had been feeling.

They did not tell me anything about which types were high. Nothing.
But thank you for that info. I will ask when they call.

I get my blood drawn every 3-4 months because of my thyroid. It's been fine for a long time with even blood test, until now.

Still waiting for the results and for them to call me. Might not be til tomorrow the 31st when they get them in.
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was there a particular reason why you had your blood drawn this time, were you having symptoms?

aren't you feeling sick at all, no signs of infection?
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I have my thyroid checked every few months. All came back OK but my WBC and the nurse asked me how I was feeling lately as the Doctor was concerned for it being high.

I explained about the dizziness, feeling faint, nauseated and I was just in her office days before as my chest sounded fine, ears fine.

But days later my voice is scratchy, I felt the dizziness and just thought it was from not eating right -- and feeling tired and fatigued.

So the Doctor wanted me to fast this time, and come in the next day and have them draw my blood again.

Not sure what tests they will be doing, just know they took two vials of blood with green lids/caps !!
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well dizziness and nausea can be signs of a almost asymptomatic infection.

it isn't always easy to diagnose an infection, especially when it's viral. what's important is that the high WBC isn't a chronic condition, that could indicate other causes other than infection.
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I was told today that my WBC was 14.8 and referring me to a Hemotologist.

So not sure what to make of that now. I'm not anemic but I have some sort of cold and that going on.

Thanks for the replies.
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I think they referred you to a Hematologist as a precaution. when wbc are sky-high it could be due not to only to a infection but something else.

any ways 14.8 is compatible with a infection and you do have signs of infection, probably viral. do you remember having an unusual headache and diarrhea?

I don't think that the Hematologist will be able to tell you more without knowing  whether it is a chronic condition or not, too early to say!

good luck with the Docs. !
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I will keep you posted --  Thank you.

I am sure its some form of a infection, I've had the headaches, some dizziness, feeling faint. No diarreah. Thank goodness!

I am hoping it is nothing more than some form of an infection. I am wanting to think its my spinal injections medication that has elevated it.

Hope to find out soon though.
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Hi -- Just wanted to comment saying I FINALLY got a referral to see a Hematologist in a few weeks.

Not sure what this visit will do other than maybe they keep me and run their own tests -- needless to say I'm nervous about it. Still running low grade fevers, nothing major no vomiting -- occasional dizziness.

Will update after the 30th! Wanted to say thanks again for the replies!
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Hi I seem to be in the same position you are. Having been feeling real good for a few weeks, not feeling horrible but not myself. Had a high wbc count which the dr rechecked after two weeks and it was still high.
I am going to a hemotologist in two weeks. Kind of nervous about that. But I am 54 with menopausal symptoms (hot flashes etc) so wondering if that has anything to do with it.
Curious to see what your outcome is!
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