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I believe I've been misdiagnosed twice.. Please help

Hi.. I dont know where to start. My symptoms started the last week of July. Out of no where I began to lose weight. over thirty pounds by the weeks end. All of my muscles turned to jelly.I needed help to walk.I had major fatigue. Loss of and blurred vision. Really high sensitivity to light. Not only my skin but my eyes. everytime I walked outside it was so bright that I would start to feel uncomfortable and faint. I hurt everywhere. it felt like I was rotting from the inside out. and like it was going to all fall out the bottom of me ( my vagina). And my vagina was very hot to the touch. I didnt have a fever just a very hot burning sensation coming from my whole bottom area. my lower stomache, vagina. And the anxiety was so severe I was having massive body tremors.
So by 8/3/13 I had to go to the ER. Where they diagnosed me with Hyperthyroidism ( Graves Disease). And the Dr. on call said he couldnt treat me I would have to see my primary and get a referal for Endo. Which I did the following monday. My primary gave me levothyroxine , a referal for Endo and obgyn specialist and sent me home.
By that night this was 8/7/2013. I had to return back to the ER. where they were first concerned that I was on the wrong medication for my grave disease. But then realized the previous Dr. Had made a mistake. I had Hypothyroidism, And a UTI. They told me to continue my levothyroxine that I had just started that day. Gave me macrobid for my UTI and Xanax for my Body tremors.
I then had to return to the DR. several times because my condition was worsening. She then orders a new blood panel on 8/22/13, and new urine because even after the macrobid I still had a UTI.. calls me in on 8/26/13 and diagnoses me with Lupus. RA. Osteoporosis. And Hypothyroidism. she continues me on the levothyroxine. But my condition worsens. They have sent me to a Opthomologist who refered me to a glacouma specialist. A urologist, a Rhuemitologist ,a Endochrinologist, And a OBGYN. I had to return back to the ER on 8/31/13. At this point Ive finished two full Antibiotics and I still have a very strong UTI. they gave me a strong dose of IV antibiotics, and sent me home with macrobid and had done a cat scan and saw I had kidney stones.I was seen again on 9/8 and was given a fifth antibiotic for the UTI.I had another lab done on 9/16. was seen on 9/17 and after all this time of complaining my vagina was on fire they finally did a pap culture. And turns out I had BV and a yeast infection. They also called and said my urine culture came back and to discontinue my antibiotic. Said there was no new growth. I had to wait two weeks for my dr. office to even get the referal to urology. But was seen on 9/24 and they have scheduled me for surgery to remove the kidney stones 11/25. But I cant get into to see Endo or Rhue or OBGYN until after the first of the year due to me having medicaid and the only specialist who take it are in one facility that has a huge waiting list. Not to mention the fact that even though Ive had all this going on with me. My DR. decides to write all my referals for routine by mistake and didnt fix them until a month later.prolonging my wait in these lines even further.
My question is could my dr. Be wrong ??? hypo makes you gain weight.. I lost over 30lb. in a week. The levothyroxine is causing weight gain now all of the sudden. Ive gained 10lb this week. I didnt have any symptoms of RA or osteo until after I had been on the levothyroxine for almost a month. my anxiety levels are getting worse. all of my symptoms are getting worse.
These are my blood panels that were high and low through the course of this.

Bun 4L , glucose 110H, Creatine kinase 196H, EOS% 0.6L, Neuts Absolute 9.9H, WBC 13.1H, TSH 5.28H, FreeT4 0.57L    This was when I was misdiagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.

BUN 11N, Glucose 104H,  TSH 3.77N, Free T4 0.62L
This day they diagnosed me with UTI and started me on macrobid. xanax and I had taken my first levothyroxine this morning.

BUN 13N, Glucose 96N, absolute neuts 9.8H, WBC 13.8, HDL Cholest.31L, RA latex turbid 44.5H, ANA Direct Posoitive Abnormal, TSH 6.160H, Free T4 0.62

was an ER visit. They only treated the symptoms of my UTI and kidney problems.  the only blood result I have is WBC 11.3 this is when they gave me a stron dose of antibiotics, and sent me home with macrobid.

9/16 she only ordered TSH 7.460H, Absolute neuts 7.6H, WBC 11.3H this was also the day she started me antibiotics for the BV, and yeast infections.

Am I going to live until the first to get into these specialist. My condition only keeps worsening, My DR has seriously done nothing but write a script for levothyroxine and referals sending me somewhere else... I dont know what to do... I pulled all of my blood work so I could make a chart. And it seemed to me that I was misdiagnosed from both of my first two ER visits. the first should have been HYPO based on my TSH/ free T4 levels. and the second should have been secondary hypothyroidism, or rare pituitary (secondary) hypothyroidism.. Am I wrong? and is levothyroxine supposed to make your TSH levels increase?and make you gain 10lb in a week?
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I'm so sorry to hear of all the health issues you've been having and not getting any help. My suggestions are to look up Dr. Brownstein's site and find the link for his book on thyroid, just read what it says and possibly buy the book if it sounds like it could help you. If that doesn't work or you don't think it will help, you should find a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. They really know how to interpret labs and will work to find the cause of your problems as well as help you treat them naturally. You shouldn't have to wait so long to get relief and start being healthy. best wishes for your good health
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I'm not up on thyroid labs, but with all those autoimmune diagnoses, make sure they check you for Celiac disease.  That could explain the weight loss and the other autoimmune diseases.  

If it is autoimmune, especially if it's not Celiac (which you could control with a strict gluten-free diet), ask if you could try low-dose naltrexone (which a pharmacy has to mix and is not covered by insurance, but it's only around $40 a month) instead of prednisone.
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