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I feel like I'm wasting away

For 3 months I've had horrible gastrointestinal issues: indigestion, stomach cramps, burning abdominal pain, fat intolerance, and weight loss. And this last month: yellow greasy stool, malabsorption, continued weight loss, (27 lbs so far) and piercing joint (leg) pain. I am eating 2-3 meals a day, taking enzymes to help with the indigestion, and vitamin supplements, but I'm still losing weight. GI doctor gave me an endoscopy that only revealed a small hiatal hernia. Ultrasound revealed no gallstones and blood work is normal. CT scan ruled out pancreas. The gastroenterologist shrugged and said he doesn't know what is wrong with me. Guess I have to find yet another specialist.  I've seen two GI doctors who say that a hiatal hernia shouldn't cause these problems. I feel like that Stephen King character from "Thinner". Is it the liver, gallbladder, or intestines? What could be the root cause of these issues?
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The health of gastrointestinal tract is directly linked with the state of mind. Worrying about any disease never plays any role to make it better, instead it gets worse. Anyways apart from eating healthy, taking optimum sleep on time and preferring the food that suit your digestion, I would suggest you to try Yoga for relaxation of mind and balance in the revival of your bodily functions.
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I don't know what D3 250% is.
What measurement in IU's does it say?

D3 needs to be taken daily. An injection wouldn't be a viable solution. I have not idea about magnesium injections.

You don't need a prescription to purchase the supplements.

You may have absorption issues. I wonder if organic unfiltered Apple cider vinegar would help you. A teaspoon in juice before meals may help with absorption. I take it in orange juice with my iron supplement.

You can buy Vitamin D3 5,000iu soft gels, break open the soft gel and apply the contents to your skin.

100mg of magnesium isn't a lot.
For magnesium you can use a magnesium 'oil' liquid spray on your skin. it basically magnesium chloride flakes diluted in water. If it's too strong you can diluted it further so it doesn't sting.

Vitamin D3 levels need to be above 50ng/mL to be in optimal range.
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The multi vitamins I'm taking have vitamin D3 250% and magnesium 100 mg/25%. Do you think my body is having trouble absorbing the vitamin tablets, too or do I need to take them as a shot?  
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Sorry to hear you're in the same boat. I've recently switched to a new primary care physician, but he seems to be a revolving door, next patient kind of doctor. It's taken forever to find a new PCP and, frankly, I'm drained. I'll have to stay with him for now, insurance won't allow a switch yet. I just pray I don't lose more weight.
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I don't know if this would make a difference but have your blood tests checked for Vitamin D3 deficiency?

Also might need more magnesium
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Same here, doctor after doctor and no one knows ore care what i have, im tyring hard with vitamins and everithing, just dont give up.
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