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I occasionally feel/hear things long after they occur, wondered what it actually is?

It happens on random occasions, say multiple times a month or years in between. I figured its weird, but it doesn't really cause problems, just annoying. Would be nice to know what it actually is. Usually happens when laying in bed.

Say you slip on ice, you feel the sensation as it occurs, which is normal. I'm laying down and my body/mind feels the sensation of slipping on ice (as if it just occured, despite just laying there) causing automatic reflexes of legs and arms moving to try and stop the fall with increased heart rate. Lasts only like a second of the sensation/muscle jerk. There are other sensations too, not just like slipping on ice. Once had a root canal (too little sedative so could feel the drilling of the root), up to a week later could feel the sensation as if it was actively occurring despite doing random stuff.

Another example is hearing, same as above, say hearing a car honk, you have the sensation of hearing the noise, the distance of where it occurred, the recognition that there was a car honk. Again, some random time, usually in bed, I have that sensation as if completely it actually occurred, despite knowing it didn't.

Usually the hearing occurs a lot less than the feeling one. There doesn't seem to be any connection with recent activities to correlate with the sensation felt. I've had this for probably like 10+ years now (am 25). Doesn't seem to be a reason why it occurs or why at certain times, again occurs rarely, but enough to notice that there's something wrong. Have asked a few people and they say they have never experienced the above.

It would be nice if I knew what it was and if there was some way to stop it. Thank you for any help provided. Sorry for the long post.
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Hi, it could be a kind of synesthesia, of which there are very many subtypes.
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Thanks for responding. It doesn't seem like a sensory relation where I experience a different sensation from the expected.

As a guess, I would say something like a neurological trigger revitalises a long term memory experience (with all the sensations when occurred) and transmits to active recognition that the nervous system reacts to. Limbic system messed up?
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First off, u might not be getting enough sleep or may be working too much. This is not a good sign. I assume u must have a lot of work as u were in ur teenage. Make sure u get some sleep and rest. This is quite a different incident I believe.
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Hi, it sounds like PTSD to me, even the feelings and hearing. Ex-vets often report such incidents. However, I am what they call an empath. It is an extreme version of empathy where you actually feel what the person feels. I suffer from that all the time and daren't watch those awful ads. on TV about poor animals being abused. I just mute it. I am always crying over stories on TV and people I hear about. Just this minute there was a story on TV about how 7 police men/women have been killed in the line of duty this year.They showed you their faces and gave a run down on their lives. I really suffered watching this with dreadful pain in stomach and lots of tears.I just heard a most shocking story on the radio this morning as well  when I was driving home. It was about a young man who apparently bit a police man. They tazed this young man on the testicles several times, i.e. tortured him, then beat him to death in the police station. I am female, so don't have testicles, but nevertheless I can still feel what he felt and cried all the way  home.  Not a very nice phenomena.
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Hello~It could very well be a form of epilepsy. Epilepsy is not just the "grand mal" seizures that most associate with the name, it can manifest it many different ways and I believe the symptoms you are having could be one of them. I highly suggest seeing a neurologists and inquiring about this possibility, also, a sleep study might be beneficial as well.

I hope you feel better soon and get some clear-cut answers.
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